A guide to sound control by our Santa Rosa Residential Property Builders

Working with residential property builders can help you create that ideal sound control space within your Santa Rosa home. Whether you’re looking to build a home studio or simply control sound transmission across the building environment, Holly and Associates can help you to learn more about the process. In this latest post, our residential property builders in Santa Rosa explain our guide to sound control…Read More

Remodeling Your Sonoma County Home? First Ask Yourself These Questions

A remodeling project is a big decision, because not only does it have financial implications, it makes demands on your time and lifestyle too. Before you reach out to residential home builders in Sonoma County, though, it always makes sense to ask yourself a few questions first…Read More

Commercial Property Builders in Santa Rosa – The Advantages of Building Your Own Home

Building a commercial building in Santa Rosa is undoubtedly one of the most important decisions you will make, which is why your reasons should be carefully evaluated before you approach a commercial property builder…Read More

Ready to Work with Builders on Your Ideal Unique Home in Santa Rosa? Review the Questions to Consider in Home Remodeling

The home remodeling process can become challenging for those with limited marketplace experience. It is part of the reason, so many are now turning to our builders for upgrading their unique Santa Rosa home. We’ll explain more about some questions to consider if you are remodeling your property….Read More

Our Residential Home Builders Explain the Home Insurance Process

By understanding more about the home insurance claims process, you can streamline your claims and improve the chances that the claim will be successful. Our team at Holly & Associates has decades of experience as residential home builders here in Sonoma County, and this experience has helped us develop a comprehensive knowledge of home insurance. In this latest post, we’ll highlight what you need to know for successful claims…Read More

The Commercial Property Builders in Santa Rosa Following the 2017 Fires

There’s no doubt that 2017 was a rough year for California builders.  From the Big Sur landslide to the record-breaking wildfires, there has been a lot of devastation – and it’s taking a toll on commercial property builders in Santa Rosa, alongside all the individuals who have been affected.  We, at Holly & Associates, along with the rest of the industry, will be working overtime in 2018 to try to repair the damage – but it’s going to take time…Read More


Residential Home Builders in Sonoma County – Was Your Home Affected by the Sonoma Wildfires?

If your home was one of the thousands damaged in the recent California wildfires, it can be difficult to know where to start.  Currently, residential home builders in Sonoma County – such as Holly & Associates – are seeing a huge influx of inquiries regarding how to begin the rebuilding process.  We want to help in any way we can, but there are procedures which must be followed for best results..Read More
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