From detailed estimating and scheduling, to seasoned project management, Holly & Associates has always been known for its unparalleled construction abilities. Holly takes ownership for the entire process, so there is no misunderstanding or finger-pointing during construction. Working together under one roof, our project manager is in constant contact with designers and the production team, working in unison with your interests at the forefront.

Imagine the results if Picasso had designed his works within his imagination, but bid out the implementation to several different painters and designers. True design-build is not a new idea; in fact it has been used for centuries. Cohesive design and implementation is essential to successful projects, and leads to quicker, less painful and more cost-effective results.

We can either bring our Architect and Designer to discuss the scope of the project, create plans & obtain permits, or work with yours. In either scenario, we prefer to be part of the team during the conceptual part of the process. We assist in value engineering and provide consultation around construction efficiencies and production time, provide budget input and estimates. This means that your home or office is designed with your budget in mind.

We are certified by Sonoma County Superior Court as construction experts. As such we have been involved in more than 150 litigation cases, always as advocates for reasonable and efficient solutions to return buildings to their intended condition.

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